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Dark Souls II


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OK. Been one hit away from finishing this game 6 times now. I feel like crying. 


>>>>>>>>>>>>His lance


Fucking broken weapon the hit box is way worse than Dancers grab. Feels like the active frames last forever and the hitbox takes up the whole screen.


But I got this now. Some patience and some good RNG I should get this soon. 

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Yeah and that combo he does, instant death.

Don't forget the hidden boss 


Part 1 of the bloodborne stream, finished it at the first boss.

Tried varying weapons so I wouldn't 1 shot everything. 

Should I continue uploading more? I'll end each stream at a boss.

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Ohhhh. I thought Nameless king was a DLC boss. OK I'll be sure to do it this run.


I've already don't shit I hadn't done in the first run and I'm only just at the path of sacrifices or whatever its called. Game just keeps giving me more.

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1 hour ago, Agent31 said:


A bit longer than before. Got confused with the zone so I'm wandering around for a bit.

Does enemy placement change with ng+ in bloodbourne?

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