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The Somalian

Did Homosexuality BEGIN in Africa?

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Is homosexuality African? Is the question of debate this week. 


An article was published this week about Ugandan King Mwanga II who condemned several young men to death (the Martyrs) for denying him sex when they converted to Christianity. 


This account has been verified by Ugandan historians and the President of Uganda alike - which has caused considerable controversy (considering Uganda's recent anti-gay legislation)


Gay rights activists began a firestorm by saying this admission proves gay relations existed on the continent LONG before the European/Western invasion. Pan-Africanists are LIVID saying our ancestors would never be involved in something so amoral and "Un-African"


So...we debate it. As only MadMen can. 


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Guest 90210

white people were the original homozezuals


white people were the ones to invent aids/hiv


white people were the ones who started the wars of the worlds


white people

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