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Batman: Arkham Knight


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Never actually played any of these Batman games myself. Had Arkham City here borrowed recently but gave it back without touching it. Silly considering how highly it is rated.


Some info for the fans of it though.


  • Won't have any multiplayer as they are concentrating on campaign mode.
  • It's based 1 Year after Arkham City.
  • The Gothan City Map you play on will be 5 times larger than it's predecessor.
  • The Title Arkham Knight is referring to a new villain rather than Batman himself.
  • Batmans new Nemesis will team up with Two Face, Penguin & Many others.
  • Gotham will be densely populated with riots taking place round the city.
  • The Batmobile can be summoned at any time and will be able to smash through virtually anything.
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I don't know about XB but on PS4 there is a 3gb update that took ages for me to download so you made the right choice avoiding the digital download as you would of been downloading that plus the actual game.

If you cop from Game you get Red Hood and Harley Quinn story DLC pack too.

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do i gotta play all the previous games before i play dis 1

I'd say it's helps if you do as you'll enjoy the game to the max.

If not I'd read the plot for the previous two games and watch the endings on YouTube or something.

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