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"Chosen One" writes his own history


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Former Brazil striker Romario, scored his 1,000th goal on Sunday to enter the record books -- or, rather, his own record book.http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/21052007/2/phot...wn-history.html
Games Goals Vasco da Gama 406 324PSV Eindhoven 163 165FC Barcelona 84 54Flamengo 240 204Valencia CF 21 14Fluminense 77 48Al Sadd SC 3 0Miami FC 29 22Adelaide United 4 1Brazil 74 56Brazil Olympic 11 15Youth years 127 77Others 13 21Total 1251 1000 Ratio 0.79Video of romario http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oJo2ERLdXs
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Senior clubs1 Years Club App (Gls)* 1985-19881988-19931993-19951995-199619961996-199719971998-19991999-20022002-200320032003-20042005-2006200620062007 Vasco da GamaPSV EindhovenFC BarcelonaFlamengoValencia CFFlamengoValencia CFFlamengoVasco da GamaFluminenseAl Sadd SCFluminenseVasco da GamaMiami FCAdelaide UnitedVasco da Gama 047 (17)109 (98)046 (34)016 0(8)005 0(4)007 0(3)006 0(1)039 (26)046 (41)026 (16)003 0(0)034 (18)032 (24)025 (19)004 0(1)000 0(0) National team2 1987-2005 Brazil 071 (56)[1] thats a bit different then the one he claimed.

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this guy is a joke he just wants to be pele.

They say Romario counts goals scored as a teenager, as an amateur player and during scrimmages against small clubs - all of which normally wouldn't be considered in official statistics. Romario's detractors also say the landmark must be seen as dubious because Romario tried to count goals in matches that never happened, and some in games that ended 0-0. He later subtracted them from his countHe admits that 71 of his goals came before he became a professional player, and that 15 were scored even before he turned 16Nine goals allegedly scored while he played for PSV Eindhoven, for example, occurred in matches that are not in the club's records. Romario also said he scored twice against FC Barcelona in a friendly tournament in 1992. But the Dutch club and the Spanish club say they never played the match he cited. Romario counts others scored in friendly matches against teams without professional playersVasco joined in trying to help Romario achieve his goal by embarking on a project called "Romario 1,000," setting up several friendlies last year against second- and third-division clubs.
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