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Missing malaysia plane

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Pmsl what do u mean say no more Tragedy has solved the mystery It's the magic legs snm

Only child that was prob in their late 30s or suttin...dont be fooled...sympathy has to be justigied/earned

Being shook is stupid. I had arguments with my then fiancé (now wife) about flying Malaysian Airlines for our honeymoon. We had already booked then the Ukraine thing happened. Rebooking would have cost me a grand more with finances already strained.

I made her see logic in the end. sh*t happens it always does. The only fatality free airline is quantas now. I take a risk when I ride on bus and train. There is an inherent risk in everything.


philosophical quote of the year...

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The amount of planes in the sky is actually crazy, even more impressive how coordinated the operation is to keep them out of each others way.

Air traffic controllers>__________

What a job

went for a selection/interview day for a Junior role....

shoulda stayed in bed to blouse n skirt!!

Silly...SIIILLY money...you only do about 15-30min bursts before ur relieved for a break.

you have to know ur shit re: jetstream for each particular model of plane, max occupancies, potential weight of plane given said occupancy (im sure the latter two you are assisted when really doin the ting...you MUST, though I guess you still need to know it if computers go tits up like other day) etc etc

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Just over a year on, inhabitants of the remote island of Kudahuvadhoo in the Indian Ocean have reported seeing a low-flying passenger jet on the morning the MH370 flight disappeared.
The Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared with 239 people on board on the 8 March 2014. Now residents of the Maldives island say they saw a plane with red and blue markings on the fatal day.
Villagers from the 3500-strong community, in the Southern area of the Dhaalu Atoll in the Indian Ocean, also heard a loud noise as the plane flew low over head, according to a local news source.



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