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White British adults 'less qualified' than ethnic minorities

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Adults from ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely to be educated to a high standard than their white British peers, according to research.

Figures show they are significantly more likely to hold a degree and less likely to have no qualifications at all than their white counterparts.

People from the best-qualified group – Chinese – were around 75 per cent more likely to be university educated than those identified as white British.

The study by Manchester University also found that many ethnic minorities had seen bigger overall improvements in education standards over the last 20 years.

Researchers suggested that the improvements were due to highly-skilled migrants entering the UK combined with an increase in the number of ethnic minorities – particularly women – entering higher education.



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reason they are all so dumb is gcse/sats were far too easy... peeps getting to y10/11 struggling to spell or do basic sums smh

and not just blue eyed devilz

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