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I am getting bored of 'di lingo' now


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lol its not that deep for farks sake

it really isn't when u see the amount of bullshit that gets a pass on here.

If its all a poster did was post lingo then maybe but even chapps posts normally most of the time.

Shit was annoying at its height nothing was done and it passed

Phil even brought it back for a bit and that was funny

Maybe when people spazz out with it like Justin you could stop their posts for a week or some shit but imo banning is a bit much and sometimes the lingo plays its role

really isn't that deep ffs.

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deleting the posts won't deter them from re posting it and continuing to


the users who post lingo and also real content will have no problem continuing their real content posts and stopping the lingo


the only people who should be affected are those with nothing to post but the lingo, and they are of little use to the forum anyway

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Guest Chelsea Jack

imagine they wanna ban a man for posting di lingeaux


but wont ban a man for being racist




di pry aura tees






lens you used to be cool bruh. What happened to you?

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