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Tony H - Y NOT? The Album - 42TF Recordings


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Next release from 42TF Recordings coming out 25/04 on www.42tfrecordings.bandcamp.com


Tony H - Y NOT ? - The Album Sampler - 42TF Recordings - 42TF038:







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Latest release from 42TF Recordings is Tony H - Y NOT? The Album out now at www.42tfrecordings.bandcamp.com




Receiving great feedback from various music industry folk.

"The forthcoming album from Tony H taking us back with a nice bouncy oldschool garage feel!"

“I never realised Tony H sounds just like the New horizons. This could be a album from them back in 1998. Good luck with it!”

“1 of the best albums I’ve heard since back in the day.l et someone say #ukg is dead!”

“yeah been meaning to get some tony H – he’s recreating the anthill mob sound pretty well”

“What is the tune at 1.30 as well that sounds a bit like a Confetti tune?”

Spin E B “Wicked”

Cartier “so so so sick”

Tuff Culture “savage”





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