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12 hours ago, Young Bape said:

Gotta be honest it seems most people only listen to Migos to feel cool, fit in, follow trends that whole blast the music out loud on mobile phones. Trap God is notorious imo for this kinda thing. Give me G-Unit, Bone Thugs, D12, Dipset all day over Migos. They rely on auto tune can't do a hook without it, lack substance, repeative content. Their production carries them and nobody in Migos produces. If i'm lying why don't all u man cop their music on I-tunes if u really thought their music was that good? in 2003 I went HMV copped Beg For Mercy, 2001 and 2004 I copped Devil's Night and D12 World.

Man really said cop the music to confirm your beliefs. Then tried to give examples of where he's done it 10+ years ago ?

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