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Marvel Super Heroes

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Disagree Iron man >Thor > Avengers > Cpt. America Avengers was sh*t

Can never be too much Mahvel

didn't appreciate thinking I was fighting a man this size:       then when the fight starts its:     was also weird having a boss that couldn't block. 

Yeah but 19 year old Americans look older than 19 year old English.


I think they need to leave Spiderman for a minute anyway, they seem to be rinsing out everything. 3rd iteration love interest I'm guessing Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. God knows who they're gonna use as the bad guy, Marvel's already claimed Wilson Fisk for their Daredevil series.

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seems a bit young for the part (19 year old englishman)


According to a report by Variety, Sony Pictures is looking for someone much younger than Garfield, now 31, with the hopes of finding an actor who can portray a 15-year old high school student. 


So spiderman will likely be an avenger at some point. 


Cant wait for black panther they set the ball rolling with that in age of ultron 

Guardians of the galaxy making a cameo in the Avenger movies also with  thanos and the infinity stones???

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