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David Luiz

Mame Biram Diouf

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The way Thizz rides for chelsea :lol:

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Dunno why he's rated so highly if I'm honest.

Can any one school me?


Luiz in a decent team is the master of the pass before the pass before the assist


that slightly risky pass from deep that breaks through the opposition press and initiates the attack


when you need to speed up play and not take multiple touches in defence he's that guy as well (you rarely see the two midfielders do this)


at Chelsea he looks up sees Lampard/Ramires and prob realises he has to force the issue himself


that and he excels in a system where he and his team are on the front foot


he can excel without having a rigid system protecting him out wide and in-front (unlike two English CB who get nothing but praise)


as for his mistakes they've been no more costly than Ivanovic/Cahill (it's just easier to highlight) and in the right team - see Brazil - he's imperious


you watched the team flounder over the years against the likes of Norwich/Sunderland/QPR


Luiz isn't a part of that problem, he's a part of the solution, which is probably why he's always linked to the creme de la creme of Europe

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C/S Neville

Video longed me out so much. Just snippets of Luiz darting out of cb position/forward and Gary Neville repeating that maybe we've got it wrong

Not much real substance

Have to agree with Carra but maybe that's cause I grew up playing CB in England

That's why Neville said it's a cultural thing in differences of belief of how to play football

Someone that had grown up watching defenders like Terry and Carragher will see Luiz as a liability that takes too many risks. Whereas someone in another country that has watched defenders like Luiz, Lucio and Puyol darting out, passing their way out of trouble and making bursting runs into their opponents half will embrace those risks and dislike the safe approach of Terry and Carragher.

All the CBs mentioned have enough medals in their trophy cabinet to justify why they think their style is the best. Luiz isn't a bad defender but at the moment his style doesn’t suit Mourinho's Chelsea(which is a fair opinion cause Terry/Cahill was a solid partnership this season) but his performances in the Confederation Cup showed that it suits Brazil and maybe it will suit PSG next season alongside his international teammate Thiago Silva.

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You know what it is, I kind of get Porchy now


He wants a CB who will help a counter attack in some way. 


Like there's no point in winning the ball back if You're gonna hoof it aimlessly, and the players who can aid a counter attack when winning the ball will be among his favourite cbs



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theyve done a liverpool (like when they bought andy carroll for 35)

since an argument about quality of players will be put down to "opinion", and that one is a centreback, I will show the medals


David Luiz:




Andy Carroll:



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