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David Luiz

Mame Biram Diouf

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Yeah, exactly....he consistently rushes out of the defence and gets caught out, exactly like I said...




In each of the above instances, Kompany steps up, dives in to a tackle and misses it –


I don't see the disagreement....infact I said this a couple pages back about him too



Kompany is an athletic aggressive stopper, best suited to playing alongside a more subtle sweeper able to cover, ala Demichelis


It's all about pairs that complement eachother and its possible they could make a good duo, but Luiz doesn't have the concentration to make up for Kompanys (and his own) rashness


Kompany is a rash defender


Luiz is a rash DM played at CB



Kompany is too rash and is error prone, but is overrated for being a hardman ala Terry (who is superior to Kompany but less athletic)



Kompany is not as good as he is made out to be, but he's not awful, he's just overrated, he is basically a more athletic Vidic


Flawed, but with a stable partner beside him he can form a bedrock defence 


His flaws and mistakes come from part of what makes him a defender - he is an aggresive stopper, it's his job to step out of the line early and nip the attack in the bud. This will occasionally land him in trouble, just like being a keeper thats v quick off the line ala Schmeichel will land you in trouble


You can't have two defenders who back off and sweep ala Demichelis / Carvalho / Ferdinand / Mertesacker, it invites too much pressure and you end up in your own box, you need one of these complimentary partnerships, and he plays the role pretty well, and most of his errors are germane to playing that role



I think you are attributing stuff to me I haven't said conf44%5B1%5D.gif

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I cannot see a defender playing now anywhere near Lucio

What are the key qualities you look for in a top class CB?

1 on 1





Nobody currently playing as a CB has this attribute



All of these attributes you mean?


I think Thiago Silva definitely has all of these attributes.

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I cannot see a defender playing now anywhere near Lucio


What are the key qualities you look for in a top class CB?







Decision Making

One on Ones


Aggresion / Bravery


Aerial ability


But it's about the team as a unit, it's unlikely you get one player with every attribute, so ideally any given CB will only be as good as the man he is paired with


No matter how good a CB is he will still have his particular TRAITS


For example Rio Ferdinand in his prime...he will always perform the role of ball playing sweeper/covering defender, who prefers to back off, limit the angle and force the worst decision out of the attacker


You cannot  have a pairing of two CB's who do this, the team ends up being forced back too deep and you end up in your own box (this happened when Mertesacker was paired with Chambers/Monreal)


Hence, though seeming strange, when Koscielny (the proactive, agile defender who will nip out of the backline to win the ball early) was injured, it made more sense to pair Mertesacker with Debuchy, a natural right back who complimented his own attributes, than Chambers a *competant* centreback, who did not


So in answer I would look for the complimentary attributes of whichever CB I Have already

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Wasnt fit to play

Should be bumping the why does fergie produce shit managers thread

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None of them errors have anything to do with fitness

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