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This isnt football related but its Brasil related so i put it here for those that want to watch/and discuss other issues relating to Brasil whilst the spotlight is on them.

Found this documeantary about Slavery and Brasil's history.

An interesting watch


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Decent Watch, part of a 3 part series






Watch now 20 DAYS LEFT


Episode 1 of 3


As the eyes of the world turn to Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup, this three-part observational series reveals the truth about life inside Rio's famous shanty-towns, the favelas, through the lives of people who live there.

For years, the favelas were considered dangerous no-go areas, ruled by brutal drug traffickers. The government even built walls that hide them from view. Now with extraordinary access to these hidden worlds, this series reveals the favelas are places of energy, resourcefulness and humour, the crucible of all that is hot about Rio.

As part of the preparations for the World Cup and Olympics, the government has launched a military campaign to wrest control of the favelas from the drug gangs, a process they call 'pacification'. The series shows how pacification threatens the favelas' whole way of life, creating new problems even as it solves the old.

The first episode is filmed in one of the first favelas to be pacified, Cantagalo, a labyrinth of secret stairways that sits high on the hills overlooking the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

The film follows two men: Rocky, a delivery man extraordinaire, who works every day to support his family carrying fridges, ovens and televisions on his shoulders up Cantagalo's steep staircases. As if those feats were not enough, he's also got to deal with his wayward son Felipe, who's caught up in the battle between the police and drug traffickers for control of the hill.

It also tells the story of Acme, a graffiti artist who lives with his family beside a football pitch where drug traffickers used to execute those who broke their rules. The shooting may have stopped, but Acme faces a new threat, thanks to pacification. The government has declared his house is unsafe and has to be demolished



Rocky >>>> 


What a guy.

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got this from Reddit



I have a very good read about Barcelona's corrupt ex-president, Sandro Rosell, but it's in Portuguese so I'll try to summarize it here.

In 1999, in Brazil, a CPI (Parlamentary Inquiry Comission) was created to investigate if Nike forced Ronaldo's presence in the 1998 World Cup's final, since he was deemed "unfit to play" by doctors and had convulsions moments before the game, culminating in Brazil losing to France by 3x0.

Five months after the CPI was created, Rosell came to Brazil to take over Nike's business in Latin America, and became partner with Ricardo Teixeira, the then president of CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation). While Teixeira lobbyed to have the CPI closed (he succeded), Rosell took care of the legal part.

The CPI found out Nike's contract with CBF allowed them to basically rule the Brazilian National Team, choosing who would play, which events the National Team would attend and even choosing who Brazil would play against in exhibition games. They found out Teixeira had recieved money from Nike to pass this contract, his money laundering and did... absolutely nothing. The CPI was closed in 2001 and to this day Nike still rules our national team.

In 2001, Rosell founded the marketing company Brasil 100%, along with financist Cláudio Honigman and the former AmBev (the Brazilian beer company that bought Budweiser) executive Alexandre Barreira Leitão. Formally Teixeira had nothing to do with it. Formally.

Brasil 100% did a lot of money laundering and signed some shitty contracts and went unnoticed until 2006, when Meinolf Sprink, who was Sports Director for Bayer AG, owners of Bayer Leverkusen, revealed that he was approached by a Brasil 100% executive who asked how much Bayer was willing to pay to have Brazil's national team training at their facilities for the 2006 World Cup. And yes, they were officially representing CBF.

Also, Teixeira, Rosell and Honigman moved (is this expression used in English?) over R$45mi (over U$20mi) through fraudulent stock sales.

Brasil 100% is no longer active and Honigman left the country. He's now being investigated by Federal Police (our FBI equivalent) ofr involvment with Alberto Youssef, who laundried over R$10bi (a little less than 5 billion dollars) for corrupt politicians.

With Brazil 100% closed, Teixeira (in the shadows) and Rosell (officialy) took over Alianto Marketing, a company founded in May of 2008 by Eduardo Duarte (who's in other corrupt schemes). In 02/07/08, Rosell and his secretary, Vanessa Precht, took over Alianto. In two months, their capital went from R$800 to R$ 12.8 million.

In November 2008, Alianto organized an exhibition game, Brazil vs Portugal, that granted them R$9 million. All the costs were paid with public money through Distrito Federal's (a Brazilian state) ex-governor José Roberto Arruda (who was actually arrested for corruption and money laundering, but released because of his "frail health"). Theoretically, the rights to organize Brazil's exhibition games belonged to ISE, and Arab company, but they gave these rights to the Spanish company BSM, who appointed Alianto. By the way, BSM also belonged to Rosell.

When asked by public prosecutors about the event and Alianto's trustability (since the whole thing was paid with taxpayer's money), Alianto send a BSM "letter of recomendation", written by Marta Rodriguez, Rosell's wife at the time, saying that Alianto organized serial sport events such as the Sierra Nevada's Ski World Cup in 1996 (8 years before Alianto even existed).

Investigations found out that both the plane tickets for the teams and their hotel stays were overpriced. Also, Alianto recieved the ticket money, despite the whole thing being paid with public money.

In July 3rd, 2011, Rosell rode the bus that took Brazil National Team players to Ciudad de La Plata, where they would play a game, and stayed at their hotel. There, he became friend with Neymar, and, months later, signed a transference deal for Barcelona, but only in May of 2013 this came to public. The negotiated amount was 35 million euros, but Jordi Cases, one of Barcelona's big heads, noticed an embezzlement of 40 billion euros in the transaction. In January 2014, the paper El Mundo reported that the whole value was 95 million euros.

Rosell was forced to admit that the deal cost Barcelona 57 million euros more than revealed, and quit Barcelona's presidency, but not before giving Teixeira almost R$7 million when he fell in disgrace and was forced to flee Brazil and went to live in Boca Ratón.

By the way, Alianto still exists and was found not-guilty for corruption here in Brazil.


but the part about Ronaldo in 1998



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Episode 2 of Welcome to Rio on BBC2 at 9 Tonight


Welcome to Rio War




Episode 2 of 3




This episode takes a look at the drug-trafficking, gang-controlled favelas, which are being pacified by the government's special forces ahead of the World Cup and Olympic Games.

In the favela Complexo da Maré, Carlos runs the local Residents' Association. Until a few years ago, he was a high-ranking drug trafficker himself, but when he found out his wife Adrianna was pregnant with twins, he decided to take a more conventional career path. Now Carlos is campaigning against the government's incursions, especially if they come in with tanks and helicopters during his children's school run.

Meanwhile, in the favela Complexo do Lins, Breguete has reached the finals of a dance competition. If he wins, the prize money would be enough to build his own favela house so that he could finally move in with his girlfriend and two young children.

All the while, the government incursions are becoming more and more frequent and violent, with demonstrations against the World Cup and Olympics breaking out across the city.




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Yeah she was 15 and he was 20 when he scooped her.


Must of been at church or maybe it was at one of her donny's fashion shows.

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ting was THICK, you know that guy was playing the gay best friend vibe to get balls deep :lol:

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Overpass collapses in Brazil World Cup host city


An overpass in Brazil has collapsed on a bus in the World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte, killing at least one person, local media report.

The overpass, which was reportedly under construction, fell onto moving vehicles on a busy highway underneath.

Live aerial TV footage showed what appeared to be a bus and other vehicles trapped under the rubble.

The city, located in the south-east of the country, is due to host one of the World Cup semi-final matches next week.

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