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Elliot Rodger Santa Barbara Shooting


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He'd probably never fuck a prossie. That would have went against his manifesto.


In his mind women had to come to him be impressed,with his status and car.


Paying for it defeats the purpose. In any case, I think even if he got a GF he'd probably have ended up killing her and himself. 

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His parents failed. Guy was crazy, but based on that manifesto his parents are flops.


But then again, he's an unreliable narrator, and probably would have end up killing a bunch of folks, his 'blonde girlfriend' and himself.


America needs to take the L on this one and be happy that he had a shit kill streak. His arms probably got tired after firing off a magazine.

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Mad how the news trying to sweep this under the carpet.

Imagine a black yout in america did this, you would NEVER hear th end of it.

You been living under a rock?

Seen it front page days running now, you truly are a mug.

These kind of stories need as little news coverage as they can get anyway, if it stops the next mentally ill person from getting ideas.

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