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The UK Film Thread

The Somalian

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Ill manors is fucking shit.

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Faze I dont know how you can think Ill Manors is shit movie is a classic did you like Nil by mouth? 

them gritty movies what actually show what real life is like. It aint no Kidulthood, adulthood foolishness it was a genuine film.

Like I know people on here who know about going back of warehouses and picking up from spots like Kirbys, Go down Ilford lane tonight you will see them heroin addicts prostituting themselves like that  with black eyes.



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Aint seen nil by mouth but Ill Manors was just ridiculous, the way it all came together was so far fetched. Story line was so loose they had to patch the holes by bringing in some rap naratives on some rebore musical tip.


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I'd had a hench curry n beers n bare flu medicine so it's all a bit of a blur tbh ill have to watch again sometime

It was hard to put the comparison aside tho seems as I went to see it based on ur comment


But films aside, when r u dropping new tracks lens it's been time


ok, so if I've co mpared it to Inception, surely You need full concentration to watch it? yh, watch again.


and I'm tryna work on the beats, since that's a heavy area of my criticism, but when I made this thread for an instrumental I wasn't responded to, I don't know what to work on



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About Time - Unlimited Card only screening - tomorrow at 8:30 pm

Loved it. Was like Butterfly Effect but with grown adults rather than teens, and more comedy.


Best time travel film I've seen in a while.


The looks of this actress have grown on me by watching this film also:



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/ enjoyed Closed Circuit. nice to see a British film do something different, and it was well made ( love a good court case film anyway )



unhappy with the small release, but it's showing once more in cinemas tomorrow for the last showing. 


Eric Bana looking more like AVB:




Thor - loads of lols! some moments a bit too sci fi for me, but overall 8/10 film for me. 

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A Long Way Down - thought I wrote my thoughts on this one already.


Imogen Poots' acting was incredible, one to look out for. 


Liked the mystery surrounding the pizza boy's character (Jesse from Breaking Bad), and why he was actually up there.

I concluded he was meant as a "guardian angel" type character - went to the roof to offer them pizza and distract the others, preventing a suicide, then ended up wanting to kill himself because they had made the suicide spot popular and caused more suicides


Liked how it was a serious film, not the comedy the trailer made it look like, with comedy here and there. 


Film was actually deep, and left me thinking something, I always love a film I can take something from.


Similar feeling to when I watch "About Time", would recommend to fans of that film


Gonna read the book. 




About Last Night... whew, I thought the still images of Joy Bryant were nice. Watching her play a main role in a film was too much, I'm in love.


Was a decent romantic film, quite a bit of cliche, but I liked the contrasting male characters


Would say it's a decent date movie. 



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Starred up was decent

Depressing English grit done better than ever

Felt despair leaving the cinema



check out the selfish giant, another good gritty uk one.


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