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What's your salary?


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28 now

On 55 to 60 with extra locum shifts

Not overly happy got mates making triple that as a bonus

Best not to compare to others imo

Will be seeing 80 -100 k plus after 2 years ideally


you're a doctor right?

so is that you in NHS vs them in private?

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he'll be losin 14k of that to the taxman tho


bringin him back down to 31, which is basically what sole was laughin at


plus he's gota deal with old, sick, smelly people, long hours, pure stress, n dealing with that until he's an old, sick, smelly retired c*nt himself


must have put years worth of traiging in to get to that point aswell


still livin at home until his arranged marriage at 34


pretty shit when u think about it

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