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13 hours ago, Bruno Di Gradi said:



Man made the video whilst he was on the run

Posed next to his wanted photo in the video

Might get the death penalty.


These yewts are moving wreck.

man threw up his set like a fucking jutsu :lol: 

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your 6 figure salary was based on an ''if''   stop talking sh*t you mess


16 hours ago, Elementalism said:

I feel like he makes up 90% of his raps, I don't believe the stories.

Good rapper but he goes overboard on the pain stories. 

 tbf its not like he is talking some rick ross esque gas. Its mostly about other people than him.

I like his conversational back down memory lane type raps, nobody in this lane in the whole UK.


Storytelling is one of the best things about hiphop anyway

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7 minutes ago, Kuffir said:


who raps better than shaker and potter in the uk


Bruv that is proper.

I remember hearing this on Soundclick.  He's been on my radar since them times and he's levelled - you can tell he's had talent from day.

The Amy Winehouse sample was a madness to me at the time alone.

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3 hours ago, Young Bape said:

Mike G.L.C was on front page newspapers for supplying crack cocaine, yay, buj, mdma, meth and ammi. He is affiliated to S.M.S members like Snakes The Ghost (Section Boyz C.E.O), Ill Mill, S-Class. He got a hood pass in most hoods North of theriver. He lived what he raps. He also violated The Game when he came to U.K in 06

Lmfao bape's borderline snitching posts >>>>>

Hold this pos

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