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The Music Video Thread

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:rofl: 2:43

nah the swags aint ordinary

A full 60 seconds of smack talk at the end
one of the funniest videos i swear. The smack at the end was joke

Man said he was gonna run up on them






Yeah that is Spray in that video


my first impulse was run up on you N do a rambo

whip out the jammy and flat blast both of you



could be a ad-lib


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Oi lads


Gotta say, I watched through hip hop videos on the last few pages.


Fucking hell, they are all shit. They all look and sound the same. Not to say the artists don't have any skills with lyrical delivery, but the content is totally fucking indistinguishable. Nothing stuck with me after listening. The only track I found captivating was the one that dub posted by that Wilough geezer.


Is it just me, or?

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My anthem right now.

Ear drummers>>>>




didnt wanna like this cos its actually shit


but it SLAPS


hip hop/rap these days is fucked and i dont mean good


but hey

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