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The Music Video Thread

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My anthem right now.

Ear drummers>>>>


didnt wanna like this cos its actually sh*t

but it SLAPS

hip hop/rap these days is f*cked and i dont mean good

but hey



HEYYYYYyyyYyYyyyyYy (voice starts breaking)


in  the whip on the way back from the club >>>>>>>


it slapz!



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I still can't believe this niggas come up

I remember watchin the vid when it was at suttin like 6,000 view thinkin "look at this tramp"

Now mans preforming on jimmy rasscleet Fallon

Genuinely happy for him can't imagine he ever thought he would be there

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very cheesy song

Wretch trying to be Labrinth

Cosign both points.


Agreed with both, very annoying.

That said, I think Wretch would be the first to acknowledge that this tune is one of those that all black artists who've truly blown kinda HAVE to do. Dizzee's done em, Chip's done em, Tinie's done em and the list goes on.


His last stuff was 'ard and his next shit will be. 


This is a straight "Keep whitey happy" tune.


I don't personally agree with it, but for Wretch to keep making the gwop and staying relevant, he has to do it. He's not got a good enough image (i.e. girls don't love him enough) for him to rest on his laurels and start going buckwild.

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