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So they didn't go any futher with the old lady that 50 killed,  and Tasha's friend that owns the salon is dead no one hears from her but that's calm!?! Or was we tricked into thinking Tommy killed her but instead sent her away??  They need to allow too many loose ends. 

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Check IMDB or something. pmsl that opening shot of Tasha changing , the thickness >>> Then the contrast when Tommy was beating that trifling flat surface batty Holly She need t

The bumpa on Lala in episode 2 ????

finale was meh  i dont know if im too critical of the show as its a blcak one but the writing is poor. how is 50 now buddying up with tommy and ghost despite the fact that ghost put him in j

On 25/09/2016 at 8:43 PM, Bruno Di Gradi said:

from when ghost touched that window i knew what time it was. They made it too obvious man

These detectives are awful 


Two bottle tops in the sink, only one bottle 


You don't crack open a beer for someone who has come through the window 


Nobody mentioned the recording either post Gregs murder 


Greg not playing dumb to get his boss out the house 


Angie accepting greg as the leak even though Jamie gave her the phone. She phoned the number of the leak and heard the chopper outside the office but Greg was at home/ooo so it couldn't have been him.... 


Some unforgivable holes in this for me 

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8 hours ago, O Fenomeno said:

Oh yeah that old guy is going to be a major player in this season.


That phonecall between Ghost & Tommy was emosh.

He obviously knows of them as soon as his lawyer told him where tommy and ghost grew up


i dunno if hes gonna try extort ghost for money to help his sick wife or cut some kinda deal with him

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