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Check IMDB or something. pmsl that opening shot of Tasha changing , the thickness >>> Then the contrast when Tommy was beating that trifling flat surface batty Holly She need t

The bumpa on Lala in episode 2 ????

finale was meh  i dont know if im too critical of the show as its a blcak one but the writing is poor. how is 50 now buddying up with tommy and ghost despite the fact that ghost put him in j

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1 hour ago, PascalMoriarty said:

Probably been covered, but why have the producers insisted on Tommy being a character who looks like he fell drunk through the clearance section of River Island. Elongated hoodies and shit, boybanded off, iss nor righ. 

? it's true.

Yo how my man bounced , CREASING.

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reek drops more like a latent homosexual than a cold blooded motherfucker imo.

In fact id be surprised if him and his old man dont turn out to be pride attending techno queers having stopped watching the show and just betting on the intangibles, which lets be fair is a game of opinions. which, at the end of the day are just an amalgamation of onions and opioids.


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