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Check IMDB or something. pmsl that opening shot of Tasha changing , the thickness >>> Then the contrast when Tommy was beating that trifling flat surface batty Holly She need t

The bumpa on Lala in episode 2 ????

finale was meh  i dont know if im too critical of the show as its a blcak one but the writing is poor. how is 50 now buddying up with tommy and ghost despite the fact that ghost put him in j

50 coming back will be ridiculous.

So he can get stabbed, hold severe burning with smoke inhalation, scuffs from fighting, pick a door that he couldn't do previously and still be outchea?!

Is man Darth Vader? Show will lose credibility.

Guy loves the limelight foh

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Him being alive makes no sense. He can't align with Tommy, or his old friend who is now with Jamie (Not calling him Ghost anymore) going legit.


Dunno how they're gonna play this with him being the main character. He's effectively out. Tommy's gotta be the main focus for the first few episodes. They shouldn't even show Kanan straight away.

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50 being alive makes for S3 of everybody wants revenge on Ghost. Man gonna have people coming at him from all angles - Kanan, Tasha, Stern, Tommy, Lobos, disgruntled Sexual harassment ex fed, Ruiz, Holly, etc

However to make that work over 10 episodes, they gonna have to make a reason why one of them particularly Tommy can't drop him in broad day episode 1...

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