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emotion? player modelling? animation? they can f*ck off


fix the keepers, fix the crossing, fix the heading, add the option to make the CBs split when the keeper has the ball, give the defenders the ability to anticipate stupidarse long balls and adjust accordingly, stop the defenders being able to PING balls like their name is Hummels I mean how many assist does even he get in a season, it's ridiculous get rid of the randoms in clubs and bring in decent players, bring back 11 vs 11 in drop ins, cut the automatic passing to the guy who's offside, AND GIVE THE DEFENDERS SOME COMMON f*cking SENSE



no pressure on the ball and a giant gap between CBs, overhead throughballs gonna be OP yet again dngaf if he was offside in this instance cause that will be getting abused just like crosses are now

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