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Stan collymore on talksport said he spoke to a Chelsea player yesterday

2 main things this player said messed up their season was the sever lack of prep in pre season. They were given too much time off, didn't train with any intensity and just didn't take it seriously.

Second thing was there was a split in the changing room over costas behaviour and work rate.

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Cesc vs Nevin now?

Lol thats two cases running concurrently, what a shambles

What will it be next season? Costa probs gonna get caught being cruel to animals or something

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it's only been 2 games and I can see every team slipping up in a similar fashion, but I don't mind this season going to sh*t (similar to the year we played with 3 dead strikers)


it's time to see the back of






as mainstays in the 11


and the back of 










I wanna see the team go toe to toe with the best like we used to


Its time to purge ourselves of the dust

Cant stop at Mourinho, it goes so much deeper

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Hiddink says the players natural response to losing the ball is to drop deep an that he is trying to correct that

Lol these guys have PTSD

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