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What's the best DAW to make R&B music?

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I'm just starting out and I have downloaded Reaper as it seems like a one-size fits all software that accommodates my PC. 


I know that there's also Ableton, FL Studio and Pro Tools out there as well. 


What do you recommend to someone just starting out who wants to make R&B music? 


I have £500 to spend on books, hardware and software. 

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Ableton is good if you want to use samples and create your own sound, only issue that i have with ableton is that the arrangement process is not as simple as Logic's. But it is awesome tbh


The old logic is my personal favourite, it has authentic sounds like the steinway piano and they have a variety of strings. If you write your own songs or sing then the whole recording process on the DAW is simple as fun.  


Fruity Loops is what i started off with when i was 16, a part of me still wishes that i stuck to it when i listen to hit boy's bangers for beyonce lol.  Fruity is powerful if you know how to utilise it.


The truth is that you can make R&B on any DAW if you know how to use it.  Get yourself a MIDI keyboard learn about keys and get yourself some speakers and headphones.

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I'd go with Cubase.


Has a better mixer which is easier to use than fruity loops


Supports VST which Reason doesn't, and anything You'd want from Reason You could have in Cubase using the rewire feature (which You wouldn't, You would just find VSTs for whatever sounds, but just in case You did)


Only thing I've found I can't do on Cubase is apply an audio effect to a MIDI channel, which I've only ever seen done on Logic.


But Logic is Mac only, so fuck Logic, and You've said You're a PC user anyway. 


In addition to Hipster's post, get a good drum library.

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