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Better Call Saul

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Filming Started this week, dropping November

Better Call Saul' Will Take Place Before, During and After 'Breaking Bad       'Better Call Saul' may possibly include Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.  

Can't wait for this, Saul and Mike the best characters along with Gus

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BCS >>>> BB

neg away


that opening one-shot scene going through customs was a masterpiece

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this show is a masterpiece


that scene on the trolley with a thousand different hospital staff telling you to stay calm >>>>>>>>.

the scene where you're looking down the scope >>>>>

they must've been scouting Mike, how else he end up the way he does?

that end was a bit obvious though, because he has to become Saul Goodman somehow

movies just don't have the time to do what this series does

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There's no smoking in here...


was almost as bad as the westworld 'freeze all motor functions'  :lmao::lmao:

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13 hours ago, Fearless-Guy said:

Best show out

why do you think Kim got so upset at the end? 


So many of my friends who loved Breaking Bad saying they can't get into it, I don't understand. Takes all the best bits and characters and gives them more air time.

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