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Brent Faiyaz...

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Young rapper/producer/singer from outta suburban Maryland, currently located in North Carolina. Down with a team called LoKi (Lost Kids). He's got a couple videos out. Checked his Black Child release and I'm glad I did...


Had this EP on rotation for the last 6 months, solid effort - beats kinda remind me of 40's production sounds. Very clean, spacious tunes with cool samples and dope chord progressions. Everyone who I've played it around has had to ask who it was.

Got the full package IMO, he raps, sings and makes/engineers his own beats and he's mad young still - only 18/19 IIRC.


Take him in.  Standouts on the EP for me are December Nights, Timb$ (the second part of the tune), Down Forever, Successors and Love Thing. 5/9 tracks..

He also dropped a couple teaser joints off his new EP recenly that are certi...

This joint showcases his ear for melodies, his voice is ill.

"Girl remember my face...."


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