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The Islamic Caliphate

Guest luckstar

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Guest luckstar

Given up critizing these guys now


These guys are fucking bad ass


2 billion dollars in assets... oil rich.. pure islam not this timebomb esq french montana brand of islam


living out boyhood dreams fighting 


shipping in women


raping and pillaging


chopin of heads


they got swords and shit


gone from rag tag cunts to taking over half ofsyria and iraq


im not surprised about people leaving togo out there from britaiin.. im surprised more arnt going


now fuckin up di peshmerga,  the feared fighting force of the kurds and gna slaughter the rest when they get to Irbil.. 


If al bagdadi sent me a brochure and paid me some of that stolen oilfield money i'd consider an ISIS sabbatical


probably get study leave from the NHS as well


i already know mi5 watch me so this is tongue in cheek in case gary in GCHQ gets a bit jitttery 




can they take baghdad?


looking forward to the battle with the shias 

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its only cgi guys dont worry

looks fake   soon they'll be putting out 3d vids

k timebomb we get it   no islamic terror is actualy done by muslims. everytime a muslim does something bad its actually a jew/the cia pretending to be a muslim

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They said they might strike them so they can feed the poor people stranded on the mountains.

They have done the ground work come across no resistance when they take over new towns the legend they have created makes all those who are not their sect flee.

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Guest luckstar

This is the fault of all Sunnis

They have aided and abetted this soon to unfold genocide

The silence from ghe sunnii muslims is uttely deafening

This is a Sunnis omnishambles the blood is on all your hands

No one can fight back because the tribes all want Isis rule

Fucking dogs

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Guest luckstar

That video is fuckin nuts

Its so raw you could never see that on UK TV

They are actually with Isis as they establish the caliphate

Inhindsight president bush is looking like a truly great president

He a a putin like figure a strong man

No one respects Obamas america the coward s weakness has directly caused all of what is happen in in the middle east

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These guys are f*cked and moving at such a rapid speed I expect them to declare war on isreal after they conquer the whole middle east on this conquest.

Not before the US drops two mushroom clouds on them, quicker than you can say hiroshima.

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Yeah they're doing well but once they try moving into Lebanon Hezbollah will stomp them, let alone if they start moving towards Israel's border. Didnt the Kurds just let them take everything they wanted as long as they didnt try and take Kurdish land - they didn't fight them?

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