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Week 01 - 14/15 Premier League / CL & Europa Play-Offs


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Dier >>>>

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ffs spurs fans abusing chris HOY on twitter



thats the cycling don right :lol:


yeah GB's greatest ever olympian

and guys saying they sending anthrax to his fam



vine of pitch invader?




:lmao:  :lmao:  :rofl:


man strolled thru with the left scoop :lmao:

f*cking legend


lol @ the players turning to see if it went in.

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Swear you spurs man are the most down and out fuckboy supporters on here, always on some gloomy shit.


first game of the season, you played shit and won by the sounds of things. onwards and upwards

our defence is the problem


When we have Davies instead of Rose , Vertonghen back ...Dier playing... kaboul is done.

plus we should of never had a red card.

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