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You Know You Are From London When...


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South is dead

Literally all the white people I know that have lived in both south and north say they much prefer north

A little while back I was in south with a few of my dons, I spotted a wimpy


I actually said out loud 'I'm done'

And I don't even say that shit - but na that killed me, fucking wimpy ya na

South london is cheap and trashy

I have an Aunty that goes all the way up there just to get her hair done because she can save like 15 pound - cheap whore.

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Highbury, Camden, Highgate, Newington Green, Muswell Hill for the posh


For the trendy Dalston, Hoxton, Clerkenwell, London FIelds


For those looking for a simple yet culturally vibrant place to live then South Tottenham for the Brazilians, Green Lanes for the Greeks, Finsbury Park for the North Africans etc.


C'mon man, north is the exemplar, all the others are aspirational.

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South has been on the up the last few years. Obviously you have places like Dulwich which have always been sought after. 


But Peckham,Camberwell, are basically hipster and well off young family places now, especially Peckham. All the arty farty people who've gotten bored of Dalston and Hoxton sides have setup down here. And once they invade an area and make it habitable for certain folks, the rest follow. Check out the kind of places that have setup along camberwell new Road and you see who's now running that area,Peckham is slowly becoming the same. New cross is already a hipster haven. 


Which is good if you like that scene, but these guys are already pushing rents and house prices up, unluck if you can't afford to keep up.

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Lol at being from south and hating north

Parts of south come like downtown nairobi

thats what im saying. sheer poverty

the battersea side of clapham


peckham etc

remove battersea from that list.



I went Queenstown road last week, felt like deserted slums.

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Nort Weezy or West tbh.

Shout outs to my Bricky/Battersea/Thornton Heath dons though.

Int you from Nottingham?

And yeah Camberwell is a sh*t hole, but the Hipsters have it firmly in their targets. You watch it'll look like Brixton in a few months


Yes but have lived in London for many years.


go back to nottingham

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