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Raheem Sterling

Mame Biram Diouf

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I'm glad we've got past the Lennon/SWP comparisons.


He's an incredible talent and despite what most people seem to think, it isn't just because of his physical attributes. He's a very intelligent player with a great understanding of what

various positions require, so much so that it's difficult to say what his best position actually is.


I remember him playing as a full back last season and genuinely looking like he could make that position his own. Everything is set up for him to put a marker down this season, 15-20 goals is well within his reach.


In which games?



I can remember Palace at home when he first broke back into the team, he played there in a cup game as well if I remember rightly.

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How does he have everything if his shooting/finishing is poor?


Excellent prospect though, hope his progression continues


There isn't a player in any of Europe's top leagues in his position with goal scoring stats considerably better, he's well on course to become a high scoring player.


There's been a marked improvement in his finishing over the past 6 months.


Still average though currently


Why was this (only) neeged (once)?



Are you saying is shootin / finsihing is good?

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probably lazy but og liverpool fans must be thinking barnes mark 2


finishing is wonky but above average, can bang em but needs to work on them tidy instant ones



I agree - his blackness means his intelligence hasnt fully been appreciated by the white overlords as they havent fulyl clocked it



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Can be the best player of his generation, won't reach Messi levels but i don't think Gotze, Isco, Neymar, James will either.

Gotze is a big game player you can't be mentioning him in the same levels as a one track "club level" bully.



He was a big game player, but he did nothing for the whole tournament prior to that.

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Guest Gooner_Man

Not sure playing him as a number 10 is the best use of his talents although he is capable. Very talented though, once he has output which matches his ability he'll be a force.

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