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Mame Biram Diouf

Josie Cunningham

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#TaxPayersAreFuckingDouchebags. Although thank you so much for the tits<3




Slag this, c*nt that... Stop and think a moment. It has helped me a cost you... HA #TaxpayingJokers




I don't know what you're all going crazy at... You paid for them! #TaxPayers


I am speechless


Had to make a new topic


The brazeness 


Draw dropping 


How are people getting away with talk like this

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U need to check her facebook. Beggin for sympathy votes. She was getting slaughtered

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thats more than likely some hurt sore chick pissed she aint gettin the attention posing as her

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fam come on, these facebook lies gone mainstream about 18 months ago when shared pics showed up on everyones timeline and they shared it too further spreading i


chinese whispers in pixels

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wouldnt believe that pic protestin her innocence at all


i kno a bird that had a nhs boobjob a good 6 yrs ago blaggin that she was depressed etc


n this is a sexy tall bitch had no medical issues mental or otherwise she jus played the system


that being said i wouldnt pay it attention either


not like the entire system isnt flawed, this is minor as fuck tbh

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Remember when this got free breast implants on the NHS 

she now wants them out for free  ^_) 




A glamour model who hit the headlines after having her breasts enlarged on the NHS is facing a huge backlash as she's now decided she wants them REDUCED - for free.

Josie Cunningham, 23, says her boobs are now too big and they’re making her working life ‘difficult.’
The single mother-of-two had her bust increased from a 32A to a 36DD in an operation that cost the taxpayer £4,800.
That was after she begged the NHS for the enlargement because she said she was being bullied for her flat chest.
Now, the Leeds-born mum has changed her tune and claims her new boobs are making her self-conscious – and struggling to find modelling work.
“They’re making my working life difficult,” Josie told Closer magazine.
“They’re so big I find them embarrassing and I don’t feel I can do any modelling because they’ve attracted so much negative attention.
“I’m thinking about having a reduction on the NHS.”
Josie had the enlargement on the NHS because she was born with no breast tissue – and was soon placed on the waiting list as she couldn’t afford to pay for it herself.
“I was so desperate to feel womanly – my boobs didn’t even grow when I was pregnant – but I couldn’t afford to pay for it myself as I was only earning a minimum wage in telesales,” she said.
“I was refused a loan and my family couldn’t help. So the NHS was my only hope.”
[Cosmetic surgery patients recommended to undergo psychological screening]
[Pippa Middleton’s bum inspires plastic surgery craze]
At first, the retail worker was pleased with her boob job and famously said to taxpayers: "I couldn’t have done it without you."
But the comments meant she received a barrage of abuse on the streets and on social networking sites.
“People followed me in the street, shouting: ‘We want our money back, s**g.’ It was so upsetting. I was getting loads of abuse through Facebook, too,” she said.
At the time of the aspiring glamour model’s operation in March, a spokesman for the Taxpayers Alliance sounded appalled by the news.
 “This is a waste of NHS cash and taxpayers will be stunned that they have been landed with the bill,” said the spokesperson.
“The NHS is there for people with serious medical needs, not as a means of helping wannabes who fancy a career in modelling.”
But even if Josie hopes for a breast reduction on the NHS – is that realistically possible after they’ve already paid for her to get them enlarged?
“It’s unlikely someone would be considered for a breast reduction after an enlargement, but if they passed certain criteria, including psychological tests, there is a chance they’d receive surgery,” Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical consultant for Patient.co.uk told Closer.


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Would take alot of drinks still.

My liver would pack up before my beer goggles took effect

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It's shocking that even make up can't save her face that's when you know she's a real ugly bitch.


Anyhow what did she think was going to happen when you push sh*t like this in people's faces? She wanted the publicity from doing this foolishness. Should have gotten her new tits and kept her head down. She's probably realised that she'll never seriously be a model in any shape or form. So all the antagonism was not worth dealing with in her day to day life now all the modelling calls have dried up.

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Josie Cunningham has sensationally claimed she was TRICKED into believing she was sleeping with a premiership footballer.

The pregnant 24-year-old has spoken of her "heartbreak" after she was 'manipulated' for 18 months during which she was made to believe she was dating Hull City captain Curtis Davies. But the man turned out to be an imposter.

Josie opened up about being conned in a series of messages on Twitter last night telling followers she met the man last April, who claimed to be Curtis, and the pair started sleeping together before she discovered more than a year later he wasn't who he said he was.




She wrote: "Almost 4am and I'm wide awake Feel so dirty, ashamed and devastated. Before I explain why I have no doubt that people will think I'm lying, but I'll upload some proof that I have been completely manipulated by a man for the past 18 months pretending to be a premiership footballer - I feel physically sick having to admit I was fooled by him and had sex with someone who simply looked like and claimed to be someone he wasn't.

"Back in April last year I received a message from a guy who I believed was Curtis Davies the captain of Hull football club. Over the past 18 months, I've believed this to be true.








"I've had sex with him, I've stayed in hotels with him and I've poured by heart out to him. Back in May last year, my manager told me that he thought the guy could be lying - but I refused to believe it and foolishly have got angry every time since he has tried to suggest it.

"I was told to ask him to tweet me from his Twitter account, which he agreed to do - when I received the tweet it was from a new account and with no followers which concerned me, when I asked why it was not from the verified account I was told it was because I had a bad rep and could damage his career. I believed him (I will tweet a pic from May 2013 showing that tweet)."

The former scrounger then went on to insist that she hadn't planned the story and said words can't describe how "dirty" she feels after was fooled into believing she was dating Curtis, 29.

She continued: "I let a con man put his hands on me, kiss me with his lips and fill my head with lies - I'm heartbroken. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a kick from thinking a premiership footballer was interested in me, I've been called a liar for months and I've had my head held high thinking the whole country was wrong - when it was really me."








:lmao: :lmao: :rofl:

Beckys gon' beck

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