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Clash of Clans

Ephren Taylor

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Stress when I send in Wall Breakers and they get taken out before getting a chance to set their bombs off.


u can't send them first

Send giant/archers or barbs

While they're taking hits then send them

They get 1 shotted by everything



Yea I always send Giants in first to take the attention but these Wall Breakers still get caught slipping. I'm probably attacking harder people than I can handle though, trying to get that Dark Elixer up.



What lvl are your troops?



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boom beach is alright but am tired of getting raided, unlike clash of clans these no protection shield  


up your defense bro I get attacked more on clash of clans then on boom beach even with a shield


i am but when  a guy got higher ranked tanks with medics its wrap 




whats the name of the vip clan 

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