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Roy Keane - "Heard Rio dropped a book...."

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im dead 



deffo copping 



the papers have been dropping mad stories from the book loooool

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“I could say lots of awful things about him but I don't feel right speaking about him, I feel sorry for him. That's why whatever he says about me I don't take offence, even though he's not telling the truth about me,” Counago told TWTD.co.uk.

“It seems like he needs to criticise players, managers and directors to keep selling books as he is not able to do anything else in football. It is a very sad ending for a person that was so big as a player.

“As I told him once, I think he is a complete mess as a football manager. As he has said in his book, he wanted to hit me, but behind his appearance there's a coward.

“I just hope he can find happiness in his life as, in my opinion, being that miserable must be very mentally draining.”

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Does football still have its culture of what stays in the dressing room stays in the dressing room?


Probably not. It’s part of the industry now that what goes on in dressing rooms will eventually leak out. For example, I look at some teams now and they get a good result and the players in dressing rooms are all on Twitter and this carry-on. And they lost the previous 10. I think it’s OK if you’ve won the title and you’re entitled to celebrate. But the game is changing. I don’t miss the carry-on with some of the lads now. There is a lack of characters and good lads out there.


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