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Mame Biram Diouf

How Should/Will We Line Up Vs. The Top 4?

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Surely we are out the dinosaur ages of 4-4-2 against top teams, at least these early few weeks have given him time to see RVP/Falcao/Rooney all up front


If we go 4-4-2 against Chelsea we will get destroyed


Really hope he drops this soon and goes back to his 4-3-3


Hopefully with Fellaini and Carrick both fit now, Blinds promising start and Fletcher in reserve against the big teams he will put Di Maria further forward and have more trust in our midfield to keep possession, break up play and contain when needed.


I would go something similar to this








Strong middle, quick on the break, enough to support defence but not isolate attack



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4-3-3 (4-5-1 when not in posession)

-------------------------De Gea--------------------


---------------Herrera--------Blind--------Di Maria-------------


Only selecting Valencia tho because Nani is out on loan, used to rate Valencia from 09-011 but ever since he broke his leg in that CL match he hasn't been the same player he has lost pace he don't even try beat the full back no more he just checks back and passes the ball sideways

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Valencia you know

Your team is in bits


I dunno about t/s but i only have Valencia in the line up because Nani is on loan, Welbeck left, Mata is a number 10 not a winger. Di Maria is great as a CM in a 3 so would rather have him continue there

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