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Pranks on friends

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Just had a random thought of something I done years ago around Xmas time

And I'm just sitting here bussing up to myself remembering how funny it was

So on gumtree I posted an ad and put my boys number down saying ' I am giving away ps3 games for free - all you have to do is call me and sing a Christmas carol from beginning to the end'

It was so funny seeing his reaction he was switching going nuts dnbdndjddbdhdbbddbdbjkddbdbdkdnnddndbjdj Obviously he had no idea it was me

Ahh good times


Another thing we do when ppl are sleeping obviously you got the usual putting toothpaste and shit on them but the funniest one is sticking a piece of rizla on the lip/forehead/cheek and lighting it ffhjknvcxgukvgfftujgdsetggvggyy


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