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Chelsea line-up.

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How would people set up and line up against Chelsea.

Issues to contend with,

Chelsea's "injury problems" in the forward positions,

The effectiveness of Matic

The form of Cesc

Ivanovic's effectiveness when breaking forward.

Rvp's form or lack of,

No Rooney,

Falcao possibly being unavailable,

Defence being a little shaky,

The notion that a partnership of RVP and Mata lacks a bit of pace.

Mata vs Matic might Also be Miss match.

A lack of solid with in the diamond might give the Chelsea fullback more liscence to get forward, putting even more pressure on a wobbly defence.

I'd go

De Gea

Rafael Jones, Rojo, Shaw,

Herrera Blind Fellani, the job of putting pressure on Matic, in a similar way Park did on Pirlo a few years back. Something in my head was leading me to say put Jones in there but hopefully those days are gone.

I'd play Di Maria and Young wide slightly advanced,

Di Maria has the workrate and abilty to occupy the opposing fullback and offer support to ours, this will also give us more bite on the counter.

If Young's workrate and application is the same as early season and pre-season he could give Chelsea and issue too. Valencia could be in for Young if he's not for enough to start,

Falcao if fit up from on his own.

Mata, Junuzaj, RVP, Carrick Valencia Smalling and a keeper. isn't a bench devoid of options either.

In possession I'd like Fellani to get forward to give Falcao support and create a different issue for them, but not sure about his ability or mobility to do both jobs.

A good defensive performance today could spark the season off. A early goal then another later on on the break. Can't see Chelsea not scoring so at least two goals are needed. Wouldn't mind seeing the pace of Wilson added at some point too.

Thoughts and opinions,

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You lot really think this guy will come good?

As Darks said "It would be a bad day for football if Rafael ever became one of the world's best RB"

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Chatting shit, his rashness and ball watching is his only negative

Granted it happens too much but an injury free rafael is always a joy to watch

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First choice formation should always be 4-3-3. Don't get outnumbered in midfield. Allows the wide players to be wide forwards and more central allowing them more opportunity to shoot and score rather than just cross and also all the front 3 to interchange (obviously will  track back wen not in position), allows the full backs to get forward. allow's runners in CM from deep. This has been the formation LVG has used majority of his career but so far he hasn't used a straight up 4-4-3 while he been here

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