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Bill Cosby

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did they allow things to be put in their drinks?

Cosby claimed they all took it knowingly with full understanding of what it was for.
What was it for?

A sexual stimulant or party drug like molly. Apparently in that period it was commonplace.

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Cosby's deposition figures heavily in the criminal complaint against him, which notes that he admitted obtaining Quaaludes to get women in the mood for sex and had given Constand some Benadryl and wine before the encounter in question.

He described her as a willing participant but said he apologized twice when her mother called him some months later to confront him about what happened.


"Three times she said this is a mother's nightmare," Cosby testified, then seemed to refer to himself as a "dirty old man."

"And I'm apologizing [to Constand's mother] because I'm thinking this is a dirty old man with a young girl," he added later.

Look at this from the horses mouth

Hes a wrong un through an through

Even if it is consensual who needs to give women all these drugs everytime before sex? These are young virile WILLING (supposedly) women

Idgaf what he wins. People shouldn't lie but look at his MO

Dnt do shitty things if u dnt want it come up an eff u

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