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Bill Cosby


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It's always these people that try play the moral supreme leaders

Like them 19 kids and counting fuckers, the boy molested his lil sisters and they were on fox news like "it was nothing he was a curious boy"

They didn't even counsel him just sent him to some random place to do chores

Always them ones with the fucked up skeletons

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All these bitches coming out now, yet no charged or arrests.

Just see it as salt that he beat, and wanna tarnish his name before he dies.

If it was their word against his back then in an 80s or 70s america, he would have finished. Why now.




no chill. 

why they doing uncle like this?




uncle billy


lisa bonet was a spice in her prime.



Anyone actually believe this?


I'm not following it in some big way but my girl watches that damn E channel and all I heard was Janet d*ckinson saying she was raped too. That woman has a big gob, I can't remember her ever being anything close to silent about something so I'm not even sure that what she is saying is real. I think it's in her head.


Its up to 17 women now. Why was there no hoopla about it way back when?



30 years ago and you speak about it now





Why would so many women lie?

Birds always flock together




Why would so many speak now?


Where was the noise way back?



They should all be made to read this then have their reactions evaluated.






I don't think that's what its about. People are weary of the faults of people these days. We've seen people will lie for profit even if it means destroying other people's lives. Just look at Michael Jackson.

There's also the fact that Bill Cosby is Bill Cosby, huge role model, both the character in The Cosby Show and the man himself. People don't really want to hear this about him, its damaging to hear such things to people who looked up to him.

Until there is a confession from Bill Cosby or hard evidence

Second hand information is void






30 years ago and you speak about it now


Allow defending a guy just because he's black

Not defending anyone

How can I defend or vouch for something I didn't witness

Has he admit to it?





d*ckinson has been married three times. Her former husbands are Ron Levy, Simon Fields (1987–93) and Albert B. Gerston (1995–96; also recorded as Alan B. Gersten).

With Fields she had a son, Nathan Ray Michael Fields[1] (born May 5, 1987).[citation needed] She has a daughter, Savannah, by former boyfriend, Michael Birnbaum.[1]

In her books and in interviews, she has discussed her numerous sexual relationships with male and female celebrities.[59] In 2012, she was engaged to marry Dr. Robert Gerner, a psychiatrist.[60][61]


and this is the type of person people want to believe






So wait because more than one person is saying it so it automatically means it's true

Unless you was there or Bill Cosby told you he did it then you have the right to be up in arms about this.

All I am saying I don't know if he did or not because I wasn't there or seen sufficent evidence


Shout to all them paedo/rapist apologists.

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