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Taking New York is a brand new constructed reality series for E4 which will chronicle the lives of a group of twenty-something British friends striving to make their American dream come true.



Some will already be making a name for themselves, others will have just arrived and will need to figure out the etiquette of life in the Big Apple … fast. The cameras will capture the highs, the lows, the heartbreaks, the competition, the clashes and the insecurities that come with life and love in New York City.



Taking New York has been commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Formats Dominic Bird and Commissioning Editor, Formats, Jilly Pearce and will be produced by Twofour with Executive Producers Andrew Mackenzie, David Clews and Sharyn Mills.













Amy moved to New York after taking a month long internship at an art gallery to use her degree in Chinese Oriental art. Her work ethic and dedication wowed her boss and as a result she was offered a permanent role. A few months later she packed up her life in London and moved stateside.

Bubbly and vivacious, there’s a really sweet girl-next-door side to Amy but she’s not one to be messed with.





Like Danny and Ben, Jamie came to New York to advance his career as a male model, when he was just 18. He’s the alpha male of the lad pad and has earned his status through his honesty, strong opinions and bachelor lifestyle.





Sumner moved to New York after winning America’s Next top Model and scoring a US contract. She had previously come fifth on Britain’s Next top Model and prior to living in New York resided in London, Asia and then LA.






Originally from Croydon, Danny’s friendship with Ben and Jamie and his desire to take his career stateside brought him to NYC. Before that he had lived with Ben in London, at one point they even had to share a bed.






Megan had been living back at home in Brighton with her parents, following a three month trip to China to practise her language skills (she’s fluent in Mandarin) when she decided to surprise twin Amy in New York.






James moved to New York 18 months ago after falling for a New Yorker that he met on holiday. Sadly the relationship didn’t work out but James has no regrets as it took him to America, and he is ready to conquer the states.

He lives in Hell’s Kitchen and socialises in the same area and says he’s never drunk as much as he has since moving to New York.






Originally from Kent, Georgina has been living in New York for three years. She moved over by herself for University and studied Design & Management at Parsons School of Design.





After growing up in Leicestershire, Sophie moved to London for a few years where she worked as a journalist and was involved with magazines including UK Vogue, ELLE and Harper's BAZAAR. However she quickly felt the need for a new challenge and saw NYC as the next step.






Ben came to New York via the UK to make his mark on the modelling world. He had previously met Jamie and Danny when they all worked at Abercrombie & Fitch in London and a firm ‘bromance’ was formed between them.

He also knows the twins (Amy and Megan) from working at Abercrombie, though they have a lot to catch up on as, due to Ben’s move stateside, they haven’t seen each other for 6 years.





Henry is the new boy in town; he lived in NYC for 4 months in 2013 but decided to take the plunge and has recently arrived with a view to making it permanent. He has a real ‘All-American’ guy next door look which is proving promising for a career in NYC.





After he graduated in the UK Gagan worked with his dad in property but he wanted a new and bigger challenge. Feeling bored of Manchester he came to NY in 2010 and ended up staying. His move meant that he had to support himself financially, so he’s worked really hard for the success he now has.

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Bro you can work in the states illegally. I know many people that have done it

For 3 months max tho enit?

I want them cunts to let me be a citizen or at least chill for a bit

I don't wana job I could earn decent money over there myself

On this show these posh pricks are on about they've been there 5 years etc

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na unfortunately it aint like thailand where border runs are just a big game to expats


for 1, they're purposely ambiguous with their wording about how often u can visit, it's written as something like 'a reasonable amount of time between visits'


basically its up to the guy at the desk when u get there


n 2, visiting canada, mexico or the carribean is still classed as being on your 90 day visa waiver programme


they've covered all bases


it's seemingly impossible to gain entry to the land of the free if ur from the uk


unless u have a million dollars to invest for an investor visa


altho the irish n half the third world are applicable for the diversity immigrant visa lottery bullshit (thats an actual thing) 


it's fuckin racist

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u kno some guys in secuirty that have done spurts over there workin illegally yh?

Yeah. Not just that though, also met a few randoms who've told me they've worked in moving jobs or cash in hand type stuff

But yeah you're right. If you're looking to get set up out there it's basically impossible

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