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The Crazy Gang (Documentary)

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Crazy Gang Documentary. 


Despite reports to the contrary last night was my first opportunity to watch the BT documentary about the Crazy Gang. It was widely reported that I attended the private screening at BT Tower earlier in the month. Like so much of this documentary that was not true. 


After hearing reports from those that attended the private screening I was aware of the majority of its content but was always going to wait until I saw it for myself to make a comment. 


I think what came across in general was a group of honest determined footballers who all had a common goal to succeed against all odds.  I was however disappointed with the minimal editing of the man who made it all possible, Bobby Gould. 


His contribution was unbelievable. He took over a difficult team at a difficult time and won the FA cup in his first season.  Perhaps his contribution wasn’t controversial enough for the film makers. 


Still there was plenty of controversy to keep them happy and to guide the documentary in the way they wanted and probably always intended to. 


John Fashanu and Vinnie Jones unbelievably are still willing to fulfil and perpetuate the criteria of being ‘Hard men’ despite now being middle aged men! 




It wouldn’t be so bad if what they were saying was true but unfortunately most of it wasn’t.  The majority of their stories were embellished with falsities. 


Do people really believe that John Fashanu controlled and dominated our dressing room, ruling by fear of him? Does anybody really believe him when he said he locked people in a boot of a car, that he would tell someone they wouldn’t be allowed to eat for 2 days and that someone was going to be watching over them 24/7 so that they couldn’t? The bloke is deluded. In truth WE tolerated him and laughed at him, he really was and still is a clown. 


The only one he controlled was his mate Jonesy. Hence why Vinnie still comes out with false stories backing his old mucker’s tales.   


Nobody had their calf obliterated in a changing room fight. With blood all over the place and 30 stitches needed. It is all complete nonsense. Yes there was a stupid wrestling fight between John Fashanu and a younger player called Robbie Turner. Fash stripped down to his underpants and covered himself in baby oil in preparation for the bout.  Robbie Turner stood his ground and they wrestled each other, no punches were thrown. Robbie couldn’t get a grip of Fash due to the coating of baby oil and at some stage he whacked his calf on a bench. Yes he was in agony and the fight stopped.  It turned out he had done some serious damage to his calf muscle with the blow and if I remember rightly he did need surgery on it at a later stage. There was no blood and no Fash did not throw him about like a rag doll but Vinnie will never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 


It was also good to see John Barnes bristle with irritation over Fashanu’s claims of the intimidation used supposedly in the Wembley tunnel before the final.  The truth is there wasn’t any.  That story certainly has grown some legs over the years. Similarly the tackle by Vinnie on Steve McMahon in the first minute of the game. A tackle by the way that Vinnie thinks won us the cup. The tackle was in the 8th minute not the first. 


I hope however the good work and ability of so many is not overlooked with the making of this documentary. We had a great bond and work ethic that was second to none.  We had some very talented footballers in that team whose talents had not been recognised at that time and disappointingly this was not the focus of last night’s documentary. 


Gibson Sport Media copyright 2014

That was from Terry Gibson who played for Wimbledon.

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Fashnu is a fucked up guy


after the way man done his brother dirty back in the day and his daughter done that documentary and interviewed him and stuck by not backing his brother and said he was sick…i was like rah…this guys a c*nt.

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Ur over 3 months too late

First time i seen it akh

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