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They say variety is the spice of life...

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Brehs, lets politic about variety.


We all have our usual types but what has been the strangest, dysfunctional, weirdest, fucked up, most different female outside of your usual preference you have dealt with? I'm talking all sorts e.g. My work colleague is beating a deaf girl...


I'll get the ball rolling...























































































































Asian version.


PROPER BEAST in the sack, when all is said and done she is a Hall of Famer, calm.


[supermalt]I MADE NOISE[/supermalt] - Bitch had me moaning like an injured pet.




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Heard various stories about them moon boot goths


Am yet to sample




My most left-field was a Korean girl.....like proper fresh from Seoul.


She hardly spoke any english..... Every time i offered her a drink, or asked her a question.....her response was.... "Okay"


After an agonising period of miscommunication and silence, she leant in, possibly to whisper as we were in a bar....so i pulled the old 'turn my face quickly and manouver so our lips touch' trick



She didnt pull away straight away.... so that was the signal I needed...


I gestured we head home, she followed.... we jump in a cab...get home.... there you go



She was so hard to read... it literally happened that one time.

I havent seen her for ages, but the last time i did, her english was sick... She was with some guy tho...so didnt try to rekindle it

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choked on my aloe drink pmsl, stani mother you know




[big narstie} yeeeesss {big narstie]


off the top, some skinny girl from ukraine. 


bopped in the room, mirror ceiling like that




we did STUFF. my face was demonic brehs, literally having that william wallace freedom face/scream for 3 rounds

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i wanna fuck a real jew, then ask her if she can lend me money for a cab home....















































































































































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