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Mame Biram Diouf

Scout Sacked For Racism

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Manchester United have sacked one of their European scouts after a race storm that has gone to the top of the club and led to a hastily convened investigation inside Old Trafford.
A club spokesman confirmed they had terminated Torben Aakjaer’s contract, having suspended him earlier in the day after being alerted to a stream of racially offensive Facebook comments in which one mosque is described as a “conspiracy-potential prayer-shop”. The comments also indicate support for Denmark to close its borders and put “extra personnel on every crossover and exit so all that eastern Europe dirt and sh.. can be kept out”.
Aakjaer, based in Copenhagen, has worked for United since 2011, having previously been at Hamburg, and is a regular visitor to United’s training ground to discuss potential signings. His Facebook account also contains other derogatory references to eastern Europeans, a message of support for the right-wing Dansk Folkeparti’s views about border control and a photograph of six pigs with a caption: “It’s time to deploy our secret weapons against Islamists.”
Another post appears to take pleasure from a newspaper story of someone pouring water over a beggar’s head in the Danish capital. One user questions Aakjaer’s stance and is told: “You must be too integrated in the red Copenhagen mafia if you don’t think all that eastern Europe dirt and sh.. needs a kick in the behind over the border. Yes, in cases like this I do generalise. This is not a hard-working Polish guy on a building site or a Czech taxi driver. This is hardcore gypsies from Romania, Bulgaria etc. And here no mercy should be shown. I don’t approve of violence but a glass of water hurts nobody.”
Aakjaer has confirmed it is his account and that some of the comments are accurate but denied using any racist or aggressive terms, in particular “dirt and shit” when referring to eastern Europeans, and claimed he might have been hacked by “someone who doesn’t like me or Manchester United”. The offending posts were all removed within minutes of the Guardian contacting him and became the subject of an internal inquiry led by United’s chief executive, Ed Woodward, and involving the club’s chief Scandinavian scout, Simon Wells.
A statement from Old Trafford read: “The club received the evidence from the Guardian, launched an immediate investigation into the matter and has terminated our association with Mr Aakjaer. Manchester United is an inclusive organisation and will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.”




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