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Bruno Di Gradi

R.I.P Pabz

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In Memory of Axe Man Pabz – RIP
Posted By hij on January 23, 2015



with great sadness it was confirmed that the creator of one of grime’s most legendary pirate radio stations Axe FM, Pabz, had succumbed to that terrible and unforgiving disease cancer. We have gathered the thoughts of some of those who knew him below to demonstrate the impact he had on the grime scene even if you didn’t know of him directly.

Kwam who frequented his station Axe FM when it moved to Shoreditch as an upcoming MC has written the following to explain about who Pabz was to him and what he owes him for.

“This is extremely painful to write indeed. It would be ultra presumptuous of me to even think about trying to speak for the hundreds of DJs, MCs and producers of different musical genres who passed through Axe FM. Furthermore, I dare say many of them will have their own memories of the man, Axe Man Pablo, a man who in setting up Axe FM did more than his bit to present grime music in particular to a worldwide audience.

My personal memories of Pablo began when Axe FM moved to Shoreditch in 2007. Initially I started off jumping on Menace 2 Society’s Wednesday evening set, and as time went on Pablo would allow me to stay behind and jump on the Kingz of Tingz set which followed it without charging me extra subs (that’s how I first got to know and hear MIK). It’s crazy how one doesn’t tend to really reflect on these things as they’re happening, but the little things Pablo did around the place, the raves he put on, the musical connections that wouldn’t have happened had Axe FM not existed….I wouldn’t be the MC I am today without having had the chance to go to Axe every week and spray bars. And Pablo really looked out for us all on a human level while we were all there as well. I remember passing out one time in the back room having had too much purple haze to smoke, when I came round it was Pablo asking me if I was alright, Pablo sitting me up against the wall, Pablo getting me a glass of water to drink. Because Pablo was all about the sound first and foremost, he gave collectives and crews like Alien Muzik the chance to showcase their ability, and look where Rude Kid is now. That’s just one example of about 30 I could pull off the top of my head, more if I really thought about it. It’s also a testament to Pablo’s personality that there was never any serious trouble at Axe that I can recall; he simply didn’t stand for any of that, gentleman that he was.

Pablo brought so many of us together to make music. As an MC who seeks to bring the people together, I think that’s the biggest and most significant compliment I can pay him. We’ll never forget him.”

The following is written by DJ Mad Vybez : “I met Pabs 10 years ago when Reinforcement crew were doing their ting. Gave us a nice Sunday 5 til 7 slot. I noticed how much work and effort he put into getting AxeFM going and it was a success. This was before the days of Myspace when the internet was coming into its own and he had the vision, so I would like to big him up for that. He was someone you could sit down and talk to and speak to you on a level and he would show me certain things. Last time I saw him I was in a Butterz night at Cable he saw me grabbed me had a little chat and that was that. My thoughts are with his family”

If you would like to leave your comments or thoughts regarding Pabz, please email us at grimetimeline@gmail.com

Below are some comments from some other members of the grime scene and people on Twitter who knew of Pabz also through listening to the radio station itself and who appreciated the impact he had on the scene and on their lives.

Jammer: “R.I.P Pabz Axe Fm this man always made me feel welcome when I went north London to radio. Them times was abit shaky East man been in North but Pabz always looked after man. Kept that station going for years. And was the first man to stream grime sets online. Thank you for all your contributions to grime. This was a shock to me and made me sad. Very sad #RipMyBrother”

Spooky: “Man haffi hail up Pabz though he gave the youths of grime back then a platform to be heard which was Axe FM #RIPPabz“

Lewi White: “R.I.P. to a true friend and someone that always belived in me. Pabz created such a platform for so many young people including myself. I’m so sorry I never actually got round to thanking u properly for everything u did for me. I’ll never forget all the jokes and great times we had at Axe fm. RIP PABLO AKA PABZ AKA PABZ DE’DEAL”

Logan Sama: “RIP Pabz from Axe FM. A lot of you will not know who that is. But a lot of what happens now, Axe FM were doing years and years ago. RIP sir.”

Young Labi: “R.I.P Pabz. Gave an opportunity to us youngsters back then.The labour of your work will never be forgotten. 1 time for #AxeFm radio”

Dan (EvasionLV6) “RIP Pabz, nuff memories of Axe fm growing up everyday after school.”

Poet (PoetsCornerUK) People talk about knowing the scene and ting. Well if you do you will know pabz done bits. Axe fm weren’t a joke. RIP my bro.”

Funkystepz: “He never even knew the history he made. He was a big brother, great father, a husband and a friend. Many will miss him R.I.P Pabz #AxeFm”

Slaughter: RIP PABZ..Proper good man right there, helped me and a lot of other people out when we was younger. #neverforgotten”

MIK: Last time I heard Pabz voice was in 2010 he rang me to say he’s was proud of the progress I had made, told me stay humble I said I’d try”

Merky Ace: “RIP Axe FM Pabz”

DJ Jawzy: I used to treck to north late for my axefm set pabz was always so blessed and made a effort with everyone”

From everyone at Grime Forum, R.I.P Axe Man Pabz

- See more at: http://www.grimeforum.com/articles/memory-axe-man-pabz-rip#sthash.EifwYlBG.dpuf


Really sad stuff man


This guy did so much for the scene and was overly bless and i can say that from personal experience.


Cancer has gotta be the scariest thing…just takes away people like its nothing.


So many classic moments from axe fm


you even hear pabz tryna pull blade away "blade mann blade'





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R.I.P will never forget when he stood in on decks for us when our dj bailed last minute, had the wildest tap of his foot when mixing nearly broke the turntable when wheeling s tune. Sad to hear.

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Feel for his family


This guy is one of the nicest guys literally 

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Ah! Guy was so cool! 


Saw him in hospital recently randomly, he told me he still owned the Axe FM domain and it was always in his plans to use it in the future. 



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