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Bruno Di Gradi

Claira Hermet (The one who presented on GRMDAILY ETC)

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Claira Hermet recovers after breast removal operation
  • 21 January 2015
  • From the section Health

1Xtra DJ Claira Hermet is recovering after having her double mastectomy.

She told Newsbeat she was feeling better than she thought she would - and that she got to keep her nipples.

Speaking from her bed at Guy's Hospital in London earlier, she said: "My operation finished 45 minutes ago (12:16 GMT). I'm currently in recovery. 

"I've got a cannula thing up my nose because I was talking so much they had to take the oxygen mask off me.

"I think they got a bit annoyed with me, too many questions!


"I've got two chest drains on either side of me right now. The operation went well as far as I know. 

"I've seen my surgeon and I got to keep my nipples. 

"If they survive the next 36 hours, then they are here to stay, which is good news. I'm happy about that."

Her sister and mother both died from breast cancer and tests showed there was an 85% chance that Claira would develop the disease.

Processed animal tissue was used to support Claira's new implants.


"I'm actually not feeling half as bad as I thought I would be," she admitted.

"I just feel thirsty. I spoke to the anaesthetist about the pressure sensation I feel on my chest where they've lifted the muscle off my chest wall.

"It feels like when you've done a big legs day at the gym and you can't really walk properly the next day. So it feels like that on my chest but I am used to that. I will be OK with that.

"I've looked down and there are still bumps there.

"I'm just happy and blessed and still feeling incredibly positive and I've still got a smile on my face.

"I don't think things could be much better than that."

Claira has been told that she can expect to be back to normal within six weeks.



That is deep. Feel it for her still. 

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her tits were pretty good pre-op, been curious to see them after the youtube vids.


im a bad for thinking shes using this in the persuit of fame?

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