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At least 12 people have died after a TransAsia Airways plane clipped a bridge and crashed into a river near the Taiwanese capital, Taipei.

Fifty-eight people were onboard the domestic flight, and a number of people were reportedly injured.



A representative from the Civil Aviation Authority Lin Zhi Ming said at a press conference held at 12.30pm two people were found dead on arrival and that the aircraft was less than a year old, and serviced on 26 January. Weather conditions were good and the pilot had 14,000 hours of flying hours and the co-pilot 4,000 hours. 




That period of time as the plane was going down... R.I.P to those 12 that didn't make it. The cause is yet to be established.

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Alot of people in the aviation industry already saying going by that video it looks like a stall.

Which is basically saying the pilots wasn't levels. Regardless it's looking real peak for these asian airlines boy..

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