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Taz's Angels / 187 Mob

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This is embrassing how can there be a topic for these chicks Its a very bad day for this forum

Back to where she started then?

hips on that blonde whore   she'd get powerbombed     slowly

I wouldn't call super gee a fan boy, he is a business man.


So I have to ask my self what sort of angle is he playing? 


Supergee is it fair to say you have a vested interest in tonight's promotion? 

You guys have done well on the promo

 I hope it goes well for you and your associates.

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lets keep the fred goin


these slores are without a doubt googlin themselves atleast once a day


miiiiiiiiuuuuussssssuuuuussssss jones


we've got some hipppppps goin on


i've got a k and a half for 2 of uzz to reach cov before tuesday


im specifically lookin for a doggy where one of uz is bent over on top of the other


3 hours n ill be bored


got bags if u like


gota be that blonde bird involved with them henny hips i aint too fussy about the other 1


needs curly hair tho, no blacker than my samsung tv


i got cash


tips are possible


pm me 


i'll wash my sheets



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It looks like this video was created to bring them out of obscurity....but still shroud them in mystery to an extent....


:lmao:  :lmao:





some fanboy



some lost finalee stage analysis goin on




we've got to go back kate


we've got to go backkk

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ephren or some other insta boyo


i swear down


lets make it 2k plus transport but ill be snappin shots


200 for whoever passes the deets over


im a man of my word ask about


what else we gonna do with a monday

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