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Every sport channel in the world near enough.   You could watch transfer deadline day from 10 different countries and still not see wenger buy anyone.

http://www.tvaddons.ag/tvmc-mac/     This just dropped a couple of days ago, must have for my macbook.   It takes about two minutes to install TVMC for Mac, a custom build of XBMC which include

code for a 1 month exension on sm

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16 hours ago, FA23 said:

I got one guy on twitter who’s doing ontarget and he’s been on the ball helping me out this season even tho I wasn’t his customer.

how many of you knew about www.doozer.tv

Bring me

 My guy was uk_streaming but he's gone. My subs are still working I bought off him though but they're due in November.

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13 hours ago, DRC said:

Ontarget still working for you man?


Italian police have raided xtreme-codes and 99% off iptv providers use that system. Hundred of servers been raided aswell so theres gonna be distuption for the next week or so on all iptv providers


Right updates Server A is getting rebuilt to use new panel
Server B is being rebuilt to use new panel
Platinum has new panel not working with it so it's been rebuilt this may take a few days to get right, working hard to get yea guys bk up thx for the support!

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