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Arrigo Sacchi - Serie A - Rave Row

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Former Italy and AC Milan Coach Arrigo Sacchi has caused a racism storm by arguing that "there are too many black players" in Italian youth teams.








Sacchi, who was speaking at a ceremony for the Maestrelli prizes in Pistoia, caused controversy by saying that "Italy has no dignity, no pride" as a result of foreign players taking over.

But it was his comments about black players which has caused the most shock and outrage, despite him trying to explain his statements.

"I'm certainly not racist and my history as a coach proves that, starting from [Frank] Rijkaard,” Sacchi was reported to have said by a number of news outlets, including Tuttosport.

"But looking at the Viareggio tournament I feel like saying that there are too many black players, even in the youth teams.

"Italy has no dignity, no pride. It's not possible that our teams should have 15 foreign players in the squad."

Sacchi has now attempted to clarify his remarks, saying: "I've been misinterpreted, you think I'm really racist?








"My history speaks for itself, I've always coached teams with great players from every colour and I've brought in a lot, whether to Milan or Madrid.

"I only wanted to underline that we are losing our national pride and identity."


Mario Balotelli, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Kevin Constant are just a few of the players who have been subject to racist abuse from fans over the years in Serie A with the topic understandably a sensitive one.

Sacchi's last role in the game came as director of football at Real Madrid 10 years ago with the Italian having won seven trophies at the San Siro, including two European Cups and a Serie A title.

The respected coach also took charge of the Italian national team between 1991 and 1996, leading them to the final of the World Cup in 1994.


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lol at drawing for the Rijkaard after exposing himself


On a more serious note though, he's just going to become a scapegoat that people bury, pat themselves on the back and move on like everything's good. His views are probably in line with a sizeable minority at the least. How's anything meant to really change if them and their retarded views get smothered? That's how you end up with the rise of parties like UKIP.

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It's not like he signed them players(Owner's signings) besides Rijkaard/Gullit were the top 5 in world at that time he had no choice but to play them

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Not even weah

The only true aff in serie a in the 90's

Rijkaard and gullit are south american


Shame really i admired sacchi until this weak excuse

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