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Bear Grylls Thread

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New Bear Grylls survival program dropping next week :Y:






Episode 1


Eight celebrities face a 12-day survival mission unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. To stay alive they must learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelter, make fire and eat food that nature provides.


From abseiling down ferocious waterfalls, crossing perilous rapids, trudging through swamps and eating rats and scorpions; this is an epic adventure in the rainforest of Costa Rica.


But it’s not just survival of the fittest, in Bear Grylls: Mission Survive Bear is looking for much more from the eight celebrities; resilience, an ability to endure hardships and to learn fast. At the end of each programme Bear will eliminate one person. And at the end of the series, there will be three finalists and ultimately just one Mission Survivor.


Actors, and cousins, Emilia Fox and Laurence Fox, singer and actor Max George, double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, TV presenter and singer Jamelia, comedy actor Tom Rosenthal, DJ, Model and presenter Vogue Williams and former England International rugby player Mike Tindall, make up the celebrity expedition team.


Bear will also be assisted on the ground by his much trusted expedition leaders, mountain guide Meg Hine and former commando Scott Heffield.


In programme one the expedition team are transported from their lodgings in a helicopter to a rainforest clearing at the foot of Arenal Volcano. It’s here the mission will start; testing their resolve, resilience and spirit.


The celebrities will have to first drop out of a helicopter into the middle of an algae covered lake before swimming to the bank and then trekking through the jungle to a clearing, to be met by Bear.


Immediately Bear has a surprise for the celebrities – a cow’s heart and brain. He tells them they will need to have heart and brains to survive the mission. But they will also have to eat both to provide them with additional nutrients to supplement their army ration packs of food.


The contestants also have to start a fire and work out how to erect a tarpaulin to protect it from the driving monsoon rain before camping out for the night. They have been supplied with equipment, tents and rations but after the first 24-hours these will gradually be removed or reduced.


Every day they will move to a new location and set up camp.


After their first night under the stars they start their journey climbing tough terrain into the heart of the rainforest on horseback followed by an arduous hike through thick jungle where Bear is waiting for them.


They face a challenge to collect eggs from pendulum nests, which have been suspended up in the trees above them, and set up a camp from scratch. They are given little instruction but have everything they need to survive in their expedition packs.


As the night draws in the celebrities face the first elimination. After just two days which celebrity will be on their way home and who will continue on Mission Survive?


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Loved watching his shows. The fact that when the Cameras stop rolling he gets off to his Hotel for some nice grub and warm bed takes the edge off it though.

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